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Office policies

To create an efficient environment, we have established some office policies. By making an appointment at Tooth Works, you agree to abide by these policies or be subject to dismissal from the practice. Please read them carefully.

LATENESS: Please arrive 15 min before your appointment to address any insurance or payment issues beforehand. To avoid compromising care, and in fairness to other patients, late patients will be rescheduled if there is insufficient time for your child. We strive to minimize wait times for all patients

MISSED APPOINTMENTS: The parent/legal guardian is subject to a charge of $25-75 for a missed appointment or late cancellation of less than 48-hour notice via phone/email. Although we understand last minute issues arise, and offer limited leniency in these cases, this policy is in place to discourage from repeatedly missing/canceling appointments, which affects other patients. Those with repeated issues will also not be allowed to schedule appointments during peak hours or may be subject to dismissal from the practice

PHOTOS: We understand the desire to take pictures of your child for memories and are happy to comply provided that you inform us first so that staff does not appear in pictures without their consent. However, there is absolutely no recording of any kind.

X-RAYS: your dentist may recommend x-rays for your child for comprehensive diagnosis of cavities or other oral issues. The type and number of x-rays will be customized for your child’s needs and can be further discussed with your dentist. If you wish, despite this recommendation, to decline x-rays for your child, you will be asked to sign a form expressing that decision. Refusal to complete said form will result in dismissal from the practice.

FINANCIAL: Payment is due for services rendered at time of treatment. The adult accompanying your child to the visit is responsible for payment the day of the visit. We accept cash and major credit cards; unfortunately, we do not accept personal checks.

  • Payment plans: in limited cases, a payment plan may be offered. A credit card authorization form will be completed with the scheduled payments as determined by the billing manager with an added service fee. This must be discussed prior to starting any treatment.
  • We also offer Care Credit in some cases which can be approved same day and can provide an option to pay over 6 months with NO added service fee. Tooth Works covers the service fee for you! Talk to our billing manager to see if you are eligible for this service.
  • Late charges may be applied in the event of outstanding balances after 2 weeks of notice. Tooth Works may contact you via phone, email, or invoice sent to your home regarding a balance.

INSURANCE: At Tooth Works, we offer the best care for each individual regardless of insurance status. Insurance information must be provided 72 hours before the visit to allow sufficient time to confirm benefits; those without information beforehand will have to pay for the visit. We will check benefits beforehand and inform you of any co-pays. However, this is not a guarantee of payment and you may be subject to a higher co-pay if the insurance does not pay the claim as expected. You are ultimately responsible for the balance on your account. Your insurance is a contract between you and the company, not our office, and companies can at times provide incorrect information. If you wish to have an exact guarantee of payment, a pre-determination can be sent prior to treatment.
In-network: We are in-network with select insurances. This means that we have agreed to accept a ‘reduced fee for services’. However, you may still have out-of-pocket expenses based on your level of coverage.
Out-of-network: If your insurance falls into this category, we will still accept your insurance, inquire regarding your specific out-of-network benefits (if any), and submit the necessary claims. Keep in mind that your out-of-pocket expense will depend on your individual plan and may be subject to change once the claim has been received.

Click HERE for more information on insurances and finance.