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A child’s first dental visit can be very exciting, very scary, or both! At Tooth Works, we strive to make your child as comfortable as we can with our office amenities and playful demeanor. We provide you with the patience and time you need for your child’s first visit (whether it’s the first time ever or simply new to our office), including ample time to ask all your questions.

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conservative treatment

Tooth Works offers conservative approaches whenever possible, including the use of SDF (silver diamine fluoride), a caries arresting medication as a new approach to treating cavities...

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preventative care

Prevention and early detection of dental issues means a healthier smile for your child. Your dentist will create a personalize plan for you child including oral hygiene, diet counseling, and fluoride or sealant recommendations...

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Special Needs Care

Our dentists are trained to care for children with special health care needs. The visit will be customized to your child’s needs and tolerance, including options for multiple visits if necessary for desensitization...

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sedation dentistry

When necessary, Sedation dentistry is a procedure involving the administration of sedative drugs for the purpose of completing safe and effective dental treatment...

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Healthy Smiles & Happy Visits

“Dr. Patel has a professional and child-friendly demeanor. She naturally puts the patient, my daughter, at ease as well as me, the parent. Dr. Patel patiently takes time to describe and explain clearly the best ways to care for my daughter’s teeth at this stage in her life, and she does not rush through answering any questions that I might have. The offices are clean and inviting with plenty of activities for children in the waiting room. The practice, from start to finish, makes me feel confident in the quality of my daughter’s dental care.”

– Ella A.

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“Dr. Vanessa is an absolute gift to pediatric dentistry. She is very talented working with children with special needs, and my son was so comfortable with her after not having seen her for some time. She just made him feel so confident, and it was very wonderful to see particularly for a child who has alot of anxiety. I recommend this wonderful office to everyone! ”

– Justin F.

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“Our visit with Dr. Mallory was outstanding! My 9 year old and almost 4 year old needed fillings and Mallory made them very comfortable and at ease during the entire procedure. She also took the time to tell me what was going on and explain everything. I most definitely recommend Dr. Mallory ”

– Nicolas R.

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